“I found Simply Beautiful Med Spa on Groupon. There was a great deal for a mini facial and one area of Botox for $99.00. Since I have had Botox many times before, I knew that I needed three other areas treated, so I decided to call the spa first and find out what the additional areas would cost. When I called the spa, I spoke to Gina, and right away, she was friendly, informative, and eager to give me any information I would need to feel comfortable buying the coupon. Just as she promised, I had the Botox and was charged only $299 for the remaining 3 areas! I have spent up to $600 for Botox before and this deal was costing me $300, with a facial to beat!

I had the mini facial and the next day, I was very happy when I looked in my 12x mirror! My pores looked smaller, my face was very clean and I would definitely sign up for another hour facial because the price is very reasonable. I have returned to this spa because I am having treatments done every four weeks for spider veins that I have had FOREVER, and just will not go away. I signed up for 6 treatments (for $300) and after three, I am seeing results for the first time ever!!! In the past, I have had IPL, v-beam and sclerotherapy - all one time procedures, costing much more than $300 each, and I was never happy after waiting for the bruises to go away only to see the veins were still there! One doctor even told me I would have to live with my spider veins because he didn't have any other treatments to offer me because they were so small, but they bothered me so much and I was always embarrassed to wear shorts and bathing suits in the summer.

As I am writing this, I am looking at my legs, and I see the most bothersome veins have dissipated and even though I need more treatments, I feel so happy that I still have three more treatments, and that they will be gone in time for the summer with no bruising or marks!!!

I have also had two photo facials performed at this spa because I got it as a two for one deal, which I could not pass on. I paid $250 and got two. I know that these can be as much at 295-350 for one! I am so happy with the results of the photo facials... All of my past sun damage came out, brown spots, patches of uneven coloring, etc. and my now skin is brighter, tighter, and even toned! I don't need cover up like I used to, since so many of the brown spots have come to the surface and peeled away! I know a lot of people might think I have spent an enormous amount of money, but truthfully, I have invested in myself and I know this time, my money was well spent because I have results!

I am 53 years old and I always try new products in makeup and skin care to keep myself looking youthful. By the way, I had the Botox done in February - it is April, and I don't see any signs that I need it anytime soon! The doctor and staff at Simply Beautiful are very professional, friendly, accommodating, and informative. This place is really a find!”

Mary - Westchester, NY

“My cousin and I decided to take a chance and use our groupon, not really expecting a lot for the cheap price, and was ready for them to try and push products on us. After having gone to the city to have Botox and other treatments done by some of the NY magazine best (hello Dr. W On the eastside- never again!), I needed someone who was exceptional and not pushy! I was simply impressed by the warm and friendly staff and especially with Dr. Sood, who explained everything to me in complete detail and never pushed any other treatment on me. She was easy to talk to and listen to all of my concerns.... She took her time with the both of us. Yes, she did talk a lot, but she has a warm and bubbly personality. It didn't feel like a factory where they rushed you in and out! She really listened and took her time. Answered all of my questions, and I had lots of them.

Okay, now the results- let's just say she really knows what the heck she is doing. So my cousin booked a facial, I went back today and got other treatments, I am getting a massage tomorrow!!! I love the way I look, she stated she was conservative initially. I notice a difference, I look well rested and smooth not scary like Joan Rivers. Thanks Gina, thanks Linda, thanks Doc. Hello my new favorite place with your free parking, Zen-like atmosphere, and great snacks ....you are my new spot in Westchester.”

Marie W. – Hastings-on-Hudson, NY
& Michelle G. – Yonkers, NY

“Great place, friendly stuff. Everybody was very professional. Went there for a facial and a massage. Loved the massage, so relaxing. Definitely going back for another massage.”

Rebecca W. – New York City

“I had such an amazing experience, from the 1st phone call to set up my appointment to finish, Love my results. Highly recommend this place. I’m going in next week for a photo facial can't wait!”

Angela Q. – Bronx, NY

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